digital art by jerry & cher

In the Studio Surreal

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'No one listens anymore' by Jerry Hanzl

'We are all younger inside' by Jerry Hanzl

'All I have left is B/W film, too' by Cher Hanzl


'Playing with Dali's' by Jerry Hanzl


'Here's lookin at you' by Jerry and Cher Hanzl


'A Walk in the Rain' by Cher Hanzl


'Yes Dear' by Cher Hanzl


'Fixing a hole where the rain comes in' by Jerry Hanzl


'Turn, tern, turn' by Cher Hanzl


'Shoo' by Cher Hanzl


'Unwrapping the New Day' by Jerry Hanzl


'Ironing out the Wrinkles' by Jerry and Cher Hanzl


'Inner Feelings' by Jerry Hanzl