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by jerry hanzl & cher hanzl


"Cristo", my tribute to Dali's 'The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus', and "Free Bird", Cher's tribute to Maxfield Parrish's 'The Dinky Bird'.

Both are currently hanging in the 9th Anniversary Show at Art Gallery of Viera

Cristo is 20x24 inch and is available as true photographic prints, mounted and sealed, Frame Ready - $200
Freebird is 16x20 inch and is available as true photographic prints, mounted and sealed, Frame Ready - $125

"Entering the Kingdom" by Jerry and "Uptown" by Cher

Both have been accepted into The Orlando Museum of Art's 1st Thursday’s event “Art & Architecture” on June 7th, 2018, from 6 – 9 pm.

These images are 30x20 inch and are available as true photographic prints, mounted and sealed, Frame Ready - $225


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"I have always known that I was an artist. What I did not know, was that it would take me a lifetime to understand what that meant. I had many new skills and talents to develop. I had the responsibilities of life to fullfill and I had relationships to develop and mature. It is many years later now and life has finally shown me a way to my desire. I am an artist. And since I have chosen this path life has continued to bless me and I know I am going in the right direction. My heros are Salvadore Dali and M.C.Escher along with my wife, my son and my God." -jerry

My soul-mate & best friend has joined & Art Gallery of Viera .


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The Taylor Panels

at the brevard history and natural science museum

Something Beautiful for God

about St Mary's Rockledge







'Digital Art to me' video

Jerry Hanzl is one of the founders & retired Creative Director at Art Gallery of Viera and an award winning Photographer & Digital Artist.

My work is in the permanent collection, The Taylor Exhibit, at the Brevard History and Natural Science Museum in Cocoa Florida, with my tryptic, 'The Taylor Panels'.

At Art Gallery of Viera Cher and I have a display area and we are in most of the monthly gallery shows. AGoV holds an opening reception for a new show on the 2nd Saturday of every month - 5:30 to 8:00 pm.


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All images on this site are available upon request as true photographic prints, printed on Kodak paper then mounted and sealed. All images are sold as a Limited Edition of 50 unless otherwise stated.

16x20 inch- $125

20x30 inch- $225

20x20 inch- $175

20x24 inch- $200

16x24 inch- $150

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